Unlock the power of your data

Integrate your sales and product data from various sources in normalized, harmonized and standardized manner.


  • Orders

  • Returns

  • Shipments


  • Invoices

  • VAT data and OSS data

  • Tax classified sales data


  • Inventory transfers

  • Stock status

  • Warehouse delivery, release transfer notes

TAX API documentation

Sales API

Get your sales data in one place

Connect all your sales systems and get your transactions and products data synchronized and harmonized, enriched with the tax classification provided by our tax experts. No more problems with SKU, ASIN and EAN mashup. No more problems with transactions identifiers and classifications. With our API you can easily integrate your sales data with your ERP, CRM or accounting system.


Easy invoicing

Our VAT API will allow you to manage your invoices easily in one place. You won't need to worry about VAT rates, currencies exchange rates and tax classification. Connect your data from all the sources and invoice your customers without any hindrance.

Inventory API

Report your storage
in an easy way

Warehousing your products in a few locations could be a real nightmare. Connect our Inventory API and check your products stock in all your warehouses. You will get all the storage documents and warehouse movements in one place.

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